Tony’s Frittata

Keep your next meal on the lighter side with this frittata by Kate Stuart. It’s a super-fast recipe that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just on the go. With Tony’s No Salt Seasoning Blend, this frittata is a healthy option for your busy life.

Crab and Mushroom Omelet

Is there ever a bad time for seafood? This Crab and Mushroom Omelet seasoned with Tony’s Original Creole Seasoning will soon be your favorite way to start the morning!

Cajun Country Breakfast

A great Cajun Country Breakfast made with Tony’s Creole Dirty Rice Mix. For a better breakfast burrito, stuff finished dish into warm tortillas and top with grated cheese and salsa!

Breakfast Biscuit Cups

Looking for that easy grab-and-go breakfast that’s healthy for you? Then these Breakfast Biscuit Cups are for you. What started out as a special treat on Christmas morning for Kate Stuart’s kids, soon turned into an every-week staple for her kids. Made with Tony’s No Salt Seasoning Blend, these biscuit cups are perfect for a quick, delicious and healthy morning meal.