Tony’s Turkey Ramen Soup

Holiday leftovers don’t have to be boring. Try this mouthwatering Turkey Ramen Soup recipe to switch it up and satisfy your cravings for something different!

Pulled Pork

This savory Pulled Pork recipe from @flychefaldenb is sure to make the food stand out at your next BBQ! Between Tony Chachere’s seasoning and marinade and the surprise addition of Coca-Cola, you’ll have plenty of secret ingredients to brag about!

Creole Ramen Noodle Cup

Spice up your ramen noodle cup with a few simple ingredients and Tony’s Bold Creole Seasoning! This is truly a delicious, easy meal that can be made in 10 minutes says,!!!

Fried Buffalo Catfish Nuggets

Kick up the flavor and the heat with these Fried Buffalo Catfish Nuggets by @creoleseoul! Coated in Tony’s Fish Fry Mix and seasoning and then basted in hot sauce and mustard, these nuggets are sure to spice up your dinner plans.

Cajun Pizza

Slice after slice, this Cajun Pizza by is bursting with fresh seafood and Creole flavors sure to make you hungry for more.