Gumbo Nachos

October is the unofficial start of gumbo season and as people start to simmer those big pots of stew, Firehouse Grub is putting a new twist on the staple dish. Gumbo Nachos are full of incredible flavor and the perfect tailgating treat with the Holy Trinity, sausage, shrimp, crawfish, Creole seasoning and plenty of cheese.

Creole Salmon Spring Rolls

Created by Viet Home Cooking, these Asian-inspired Creole salmon spring rolls are the perfect appetizer for your next party! Filled with buttery, sweet and Creole flavors, these fresh spring rolls have a tasty kick that’s sure to impress your guests.



Imperial Baked Crab Shells

Savory and cheesy, these Asian-inspired baked crab shells by Viet Home Cooking are hot, creamy and loaded with Creole seasoning. They are the perfect appetizer, sure to impress everyone at your next party.

Creole BBQ Shrimp & Grits

Try this delicious spin on traditional shrimp and grits! My Diary of Us combines the flavors of buttery grits, Creole BBQ shrimp and Tony’s More Spice seasoning for the perfect amount of heat. This dish is loaded with flavor and sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Crab Rangoon Beignets

This variation of crab rangoon combines the creaminess of cream cheese with the sweetness of beignets. These Crab Rangoon Beignets by Chef Ryan Andr√© are the perfect finger-popping appetizer. Filled with Creole heat and crab, they’re sure to be party favorites.