Baked Potato Soup

Your favorite classic soup dish just got a whole lot better with the addition of Tony’s! Try out this creamy, flavorful comfort food recipe by @firehousegrub to up your home-cooked meal game.

Tony’s Turkey Ramen Soup

Holiday leftovers don’t have to be boring. Try this mouthwatering Turkey Ramen Soup recipe to switch it up and satisfy your cravings for something different!

Cajun Shrimp & Chickpea Soup

Get cozy with the heat from this Cajun Shrimp & Chickpea Soup by @creoleseoul. The flavors of Tony’s seasoning and the freshness of shrimp and vegetables combine for a delectable soup that is sure to warm you up.

Lasagna Soup

The flavors of your favorite lasagna with a Creole twist, combine with the comfort of soup. This warm and tasty meal by @eatforcheap is the perfect solution for those chilly fall nights.

Easy Cajun Paella

This comforting and delicious paella is a Cajun twist on the traditional, thanks to Tony’s Spanish Rice Mix, which My Diary of Us says pairs perfectly with the meat and seafood in the dish.

Creole Shrimp & Okra Stew

This hearty stew is the perfect remedy for those cold winter nights! Filled with the flavors of shrimp, the holy trinity, okra, and Tony’s Creole Seasoning, @creoleseoul says this rich comfort food captures the classic Louisiana flavors you love.

Cajun Corn Chowder

Budget friendly, hearty and bursting with Louisiana flavors, this Cajun Corn Chowder by Salt & Lavender is a game changer! Corn, crispy bacon, Andouille sausage and potatoes come together with the flavors of Tony’s for this irresistibly creamy and thick soup you will love eating this fall.

Crawfish Boil Soup

Tony Chachere’s is the Official Louisiana Cookin’ Test Kitchen Seasoning Partner. As part of the partnership, the Test Kitchen cooked up this Crawfish Boil Soup. The chefs in the Test Kitchen say this hearty soup has all the flavors of a springtime crawfish boil.

Cajun Seafood Stew

With fresh seafood, andouille sausage and a flavorful broth full of vegetables and Cajun/Creole seasonings, this cozy stew is perfect for nights spent in the comfort of your home. As My Diary of Us says, it’s easy enough to make any night of the week, but special enough to enjoy with that significant someone.