Cajun Jambalaya Stuffed Roasted Turkey

This is not your average turkey. This Cajun Jambalaya Stuffed Roasted Turkey by @mydiaryofus is a triple flavor bomb thanks to Tony’s injectable butter marinade, the compound butter with Tony’s seasoning and the delicious Tony’s jambalaya rice mix made into stuffing. It’s a true holiday treat!

Stuffed Turkey Legs

Try this recipe by for a filling and delicious meal that takes a unique spin on a holiday favorite! Plus, with the addition of Tony’s, these legs are savory, juicy, and sure to leave you happy!

Tony’s Winter Citrus Salad

Toss your holiday leftovers together to make this fresh Winter Citrus Salad for an easy and delicious lunch solution! It’s the perfect healthy option.

Tony’s Fall Feast Flat Bread

This Fall Feast Flat Bread is the perfect recipe to easily please the whole family while using up those holiday leftovers! Plus everyone can participate in throwing it together, making it a great chance to spend quality time with those you love!

Tony’s Turkey Ramen Soup

Holiday leftovers don’t have to be boring. Try this mouthwatering Turkey Ramen Soup recipe to switch it up and satisfy your cravings for something different!

Smothered Turkey Necks

Rubbed with a lemon, seasoned with Tony’s seasonings, and smothered for 2 hours, @flychefaldenb knows how to make a hearty, flavorful meal that will change the way you eat turkey forever!

Cajun Sweet Chili Roast Turkey Breast

Super juicy, easy to make, and did we mention the amazing flavor? This is not your ordinary turkey breast! This Cajun Sweet Chili Roast Turkey Breast by @mandajesspanda is seasoned inside and out for an explosion of flavor you will want with every turkey you taste.


Air Fried Spinach Stuffed Turkey

Stuffed turkey breast by @flychefaldenb may seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be! It is easier and faster to make than ever before thanks to the air fryer. Spinach stuffed turkey breasts are low carb and so delicious!