Cajun Comfort Chicken & Rice Soup

As the temperatures drop and the holidays fast approach, a bowl of hot chicken and rice soup is the perfect comfort food! This Cajun Comfort Chicken & Rice Soup by The Beach House Kitchen is everything you crave with flavorful and juicy chicken, creamy broth, fresh vegetables and Creole seasoning.


Cajun Chicken Tenders with Ranch

It’s one of the most popular finger foods for kids and adults alike, and these chicken tenders take the flavor to a whole new level. Eat For Cheap says these tenders are crunchy, juicy and flavored to perfection with Tony’s Original Creole Seasoning and Ranch Dressing – the perfect flavor in every bite.

Nashville Hot Chicken Bites

Take your fried chicken to an entirely new level! These Nashville Hot Chicken Bites by FlyChefAldenB have a big BOLD taste, making them the perfect bite for your next tailgate party or backyard BBQ.

Cajun Crispy Honey Soy Wings

Sweet and tangy, these Cajun Crispy Honey Soy Wings are a great combination of flavors that everyone will eat up! Created by @tymitchell_, these wings have all of the flavor without any added salt, thanks to Tony’s No Salt Seasoning.

Creole Chicken & Pork Balls

“Tender, juicy meatballs with a creamy gravy you’ll love,” ~ Creole For The Soul. These meatballs combine chicken and pork for the perfect meatball, covered in a flavorful, herb-rich gravy, for the ultimate in comfort food.

Cajun Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcocked and cooked to juicy and crispy perfection, this Cajun roasted chicken by @tymitchell_ combines citrus, garlic, herbs and the zest of Creole seasoning for a flavorful chicken like you’ve never had.