Gratons (Cracklings)

Mar 24, 2015
Louisiana's version of a potato chip, crackling is great to put out as a light snack for all the kids to munch on!
Prep time: 16 minutes   Cooking time: 21 minutes   Serves: 15  


3 pound Pork Skins (With Fat)
2 tablespoon Baking Soda
3 cup Water
4 dash Salt


1: Cut pork skins in 1 inch squares.
2: Place in a heavy pot.
3: Start cooking on medium heat.
4: When the cracklings get hot, add a little water and soda so the cracklings do not stick.
5: Stir constantly; repeat water process to keep them from sticking.
6: Stop adding water when the cracklings begin to fry in about 1 inch of their own fat.
7: Stir often until cracklings are crispy and brown.
8: Drain on absorbent paper and salt generously.

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