Crawfish Egg Rolls

Apr 03, 2020
These crawfish egg rolls are stuffed with Cajun favorites; crawfish, the holy trinity and Tony Chachere's. This fusion of flavor by Creole for the Soul is sure to be an instant hit with your friends.


1 Pound Peeled Crawfish Tails
Tony's Instant Roux Mix
5 Green Onions, Diced
1 Red Bell Pepper, Diced
1 Stalk Celery, Diced
2 Cups Shredded Cabbage
2 Cups Pepper Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
2 Tablespoons Tony's Original Creole seasoning
1 Teaspoon Hot Sauce
1 Package Large Wonton or Egg Roll Wrappers
1 Egg, Beaten with a Tablespoon of Water
4 Cups Canola or Peanut Oil for Deep Frying


1: Start by making a roux with Tony's Instant Roux Mix.
2: Stir constantly for 10 to 15 minutes until the roux reaches a dark peanut butter color.
3: Add the green onions, bell pepper and celery. Stir well to coat and until vegetables are soft (about 10 minutes).
4: Add crawfish tails and stir thoroughly until blended, and add Tony's Original Creole and hot sauce.
5: Cook for about 5 minutes.   
6: Cover the wonton wrappers with a damp paper towel and warm for 30 seconds in the microwave.
7: Place a spoonful of filling onto the center of the wrapper.
8: Brush edges of the wrapper with egg wash. Fold in the side corners of the wrapper, then roll tightly.
9: Heat oil to 350 degrees in a large pot.
10: Place 3 rolls at a time into the heated oil and deep fry for 3 to 5 minutes or until the wrappers are golden and crispy.

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